Discover & Design a Superior Mindset of your child

World's most advanced technology to assess your child's mental abilities and to develop a top skill-set


Identify natural ability

We assess & evaluate natural ability and strengths

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Test & track focus

We test focus and concentration levels as it's an integral part of your intelligence

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Find inborn talent early

We do early age identification of talent as this makes all the difference

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Discover about mindset

We evaluate & quantify decision making ability, creativity and intellect

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Build core mental abilities

We improve all mental abilities so that you can deliver extraordinary results

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Channelize extra energy

When you channelize excessive energy of children with proper tools, you get unbelievable results

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Direction and Guidance

Our guidance tool saves your time, money and energy

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What we Diagnose, Discover & Evaluate

We diagnose your child's mindset, learning nature, strengths and core mental abilities. We assess your child's natural ability and hidden talent. We deliver customized activity plan to improve weaker areas and to boost hidden talent.

Global Credentials

  • Presented at Startup Grind 2020, Powered by Google, California USA

  • Presented at Reimagine Education Forum, San Francisco, USA

  • Published in European Journal of Behavioral Sciences

  • Presented at I-CARSS London, UK

  • Published in International Journal of Indian Psychology

  • Case Studies & Research Papers published in highly reputed journals

500 +

Certified Test Administrators

10 +



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"Simply Brilliant. This approach has given me a lot of clarity about my child's mindset. I can clearly visualize the changes in learning attitude, behavior and educational orientation of Saksham." - Charvi Sinha

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"As parents, we wish to have clarity and confidence right from early childhood about our child's dream career and future prospects. We got the answers. Hats off to the creators!!" - Manish Garg

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”Unlock has made our life anxiety free. Like all educated and working parents, we felt guilty as we were so uncertain and unsure about Kritika's talent & future. But not anymore. Now, we are confident and excited for the journey ahead.” - Swati & Mayur Kumar

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”I still miss not getting into IIMs. I can well understand the importance of having a sharper brain, better mindset & quick learning skills, early in the age. Unlock is the future of all childhood educational programs.” - Sharon Reddy

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